Monday, 1 October 2012


There is lots of entertaining speculation taking place on the Ballynafeigh Chess Club site about the forthcoming league season.

One of the issues decided upon at tonight`s BSCC meeting was about the team for the new season.  It has been decided BSCC will be fielding only one team.

A decison was also taken and made clear, the SBCC will not be fielding the strongest players for every match. The purpose of  the team will be to provide as many players as possible the opportunity to play for the league team.

Captain Kelly will have the task of taking care of the team rotation to ensure everyone gets playing a fair number of games.

BSCC are now in the postion of  trying to arrange some friendy matches before the season commences.

The dates and details  of a Monday night flexible tournament will be published as soon as arrangements are made. It is proposed it will be run on the same format as the Civil Service flexible tournament.

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